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Autocar...you or J been spotted Rich...

Autocar...you or J been spotted Rich...



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Wednesday 11th July 2007
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Autocar this week, spotted in Aberdeen of all places smile


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Thursday 12th July 2007
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Nailed, on Thistle Street, on Double Yellows, shopping... that's Jane!!


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Sunday 25th October 2009
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Finally got ahold of a copy!

And I shall clear Jane's name - it was actually on Holburn Street and she was stuck in traffic, not parked.

I am the culprit who sent the picture in. I saw a Ferrari 456 Shootingbrake or whatever it is called(one of 7 made) and thought I could top it with the Typhon!

On another note, Jane, has the car arrived back in Aberdeen yet? I have not seen it out for so longcloud9