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Saturday 8th July 2023
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My insurance renewal is upcoming.

Last year, the policy on my 2012 M3W was around £450.
1 month into the policy, someone hit me, writing the 3W off.
A few months later, I bought another M3W. Because the claim was ongoing, the insurance was £835, although 1) I'd already paid £450 and 2) That was the yearly cost and we were already a few months in, so I only ended up paying a few hundred £ extra.

I was told that if the claim was to be settled as non-fault, the premium would be lower and they'd refund me the difference.

10 months after the accident, the claim still isn't resolved and is in dispute...
Renewal has come through at around £950.

This really fks me off, because I was not even remotely at fault - and my witness does not want to get involved despite seeing the car that hit me was on my side of the road...

Anyway, to the point...

I'm currently with ERS, through Gott and Wyne.

Any other recommendations for Morgan 3 Wheeler insurance?