Trying to reset airbag light with VCDS

Trying to reset airbag light with VCDS


Welsh Ash

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Thursday 25th June 2015
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This is the error i am getting.

I have reset all the codes and I'm still getting this error.

I have tried wiring the resistor differently

I even tried it with just the brown and blue connected

This is the wiring diagram

This is what the drivers side looks like, but this isnt getting flagged up and has different colour wires

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Sunday 28th June 2015
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The clue is the different colour wires. These must be seat airbags, and I'd lay money this is a Golf Mk5?

There is a plug under each seat - the wires change colour going into (and coming out of) this plug: as follows -

WIRES FROM ECU........ BROWN ------------------- BROWN .......Wires to Airbag
................................ WHITE ------------------- BLACK
................................ GREEN ------------------- BLUE

Usually the only issue with these airbags is that the plug goes faulty, the VW recommendation is to snip the wires either side of the plug and solder them together.

If the resistor is working to clear the error on the driver side, then you need to connect it in the same way on the passenger side, but before the plug (I.E. on the Brown/White/Green side).

I would recommend soldering the wires as VW recommend leaving your airbags connected and doing their jobs. Assuming the reason you're doing this is not because they have been deployed at some point or you've changed seats to racing seats or something.

As an aside to anyone else with similar problems reading this - NEVER attempt to clear "Short to Plus" or "Short to Ground" airbag errors WITH THE AIRBAG(S) IN QUESTION STILL CONNECTED - There is a danger they will deploy upon clearing the code(s).