porche cayenne - purchase advise (2012 model, 60,000mileage)

porche cayenne - purchase advise (2012 model, 60,000mileage)



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Tuesday 19th February 2019
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hey guys

i hope you can advise.

in short wife wants a porche cayenne, we are looking at the 2012-13 model which have done around 60,000 miles, diesel

she will be mainly driving around the city, school, shopping etc (then regular long haul motorway journeys)

the prices we have seen are around the £24k mark.

is there anything we should look out for when purchasing? we will be buying via trader and on finance.

are the hybrid models better in terms of fuel economy?

is there a problem going for a higher mileage car/new car vs older model lower mileage?

is it important to get a full porche service history? or a general full service history is ok

thank you for your help and advice is most welcome...


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Tuesday 19th February 2019
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Solid cars. We cross shopped with a touraeg when looking at a cayenne and ended up with a 6 month old touraeg instead which was fully loaded with parking heater, 4 way cam, dynaaudio, 14 way seats etc.

We are now on 45k miles and it hasn’t missed a beat. Really comfortable, easily 30 mpg plus on motorway.

The cayenne felt slightly stiffer on the suspension but overall it just costs more to get the options. Preferred the drive of the Touareg. Its going to be 4 years old in November and doesn’t feel materially different to how it felt at 6k miles.

As long as oil has been changed every 10k etc you will be fine. Lovely cars.