RE: SCG completes first Baja Boot

RE: SCG completes first Baja Boot

Friday 16th August

SCG completes first Baja Boot

650hp V8 off-roader emulates original Baja legend and will compete in the 2019 Baja 1000

After over a year and a half of work, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has completed its first Baja Boot; the 650hp V8 buggy standing as a modern interpretation of the legendary original. It borrows both technical concepts and design from Vic Hickeyโ€™s 1968 creation, which is famous for winning the first Baja 500 with Guy Jones and stuntman Bud Ekins at the wheel - not to mention Steve McQueenโ€™s enthusiasm for the project.

SCGโ€™s creation is more than just a 21st century remake, though, itโ€™s designed to be an actual competition vehicle, built to compete in the Baja 1000, which takes place each year on the Baja California Peninsula in north-western Mexico. Using a Chevrolet LT4 6.2-litre motor placed behind the passenger compartment, the two-door machine sports features familiar from the sixties icon like a high exhaust exit and exposed tube front end โ€“ although admittedly the whole car is much larger.

Road versions, of which SCG aims to build at least five two-doors this year before then launching a four-door version, will have four-wheel independent suspension allowing 19 inches of travel, and come complete with chunky 37-inch diameter tyres. But the American firm will also offer a Baja package to emulate its competition car, with different coilovers and shocks to enable an enhanced 22 inches of travel, six-pot Wilwood calipers and 355mm discs, as well as even more extreme off-road rubber.

To prove its new machineโ€™s worth, SCG will drive its two-door Boot to and then compete in this yearโ€™s Baja event, which takes place on Novemberย 19-24th. Company boss James Glickenhaus intends to then drive the car back to San Diego, something he has previously told PH would replicate how racers competed back in the sixties. SCG is also working on a hypercar entry for the 2021 Le Mans 24 Hour race, which it intends to drive to and from the race as well.



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Friday 16th August
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Massive want for this car.

I also can't wait to see his finished Le Mans entry.

The Crack Fox

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Friday 16th August
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Loving this!


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Friday 16th August
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I like it.
Reminds me of a Zebra spider.


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Friday 16th August
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add top-mounted firepower wink


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Friday 16th August
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Yes please, just paint it all matt black, NATO green, or desert sand.


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Saturday 17th August
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article said said:
....will have four-wheel independent suspension.
Really? All four wheels? Amazing!


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Monday 19th August
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Must say, both look pretty special. Especially the Steve McQueen's Hurst Baja Boot.