RE: Porsche Restoracing to be Boxster Cup for 2020

RE: Porsche Restoracing to be Boxster Cup for 2020

Tuesday 3rd September

Porsche Restoracing to be Boxster Cup for 2020

Intrigued by Boxster racing following Matt's exploits? Now's your chance...

Following two successful years as a series for Porsche Centres (and one jammy journalist), the Porsche Classic Restoracing series is getting a refresh for 2020. Now to be called the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup, it will be open to all comers, promising bigger grids and even better racing than seen thus far.

Naturally we’re biased towards the series, having competed in it, loved it, and given a car back pretty much how it was handed to us, but this is an intriguing development for all budding racers. With support continuing from Porsche Classic and Porsche Club Motorsport, it promises the same level of professionalism and organisation found throughout the Porsche racing pyramid, albeit with a more accessible car and cost.

The plan for 2020 is between six and eight races, with exact details to follow now the 2019 season has concluded. Technical specs will be confirmed, too, though given how well the Boxster has responded to reasonably minor alterations – cage, pads and fluid, springs, dampers and tyres – it would be a surprise to see them change much further.

While any kind of motorsport is never going to be cheap, with Boxsters priced how they are at the moment there’s never going to be a more affordable time to get into a flat-six Porsche race car and pretend you’re Vic Elford. It really is enormous fun. Once more, the exact car arrangements are to be finalised, with existing Boxsters set to be loaned out or sold, and new entrants invited to join and bolster the grid. All will receive support from Official Porsche Centres, too.

Alright, sure, telling you about a public race series without prices is like launching Slimfast without calorific values – it’s pretty vital to interest in the product. But the Boxster Cup is happening, and full fees will be issued once they’re known. If it’s anything like Restoracing, only with more Boxsters in great liveries competing, then it promises to be a fantastic series. Interested parties should emailΒ And if anybody needs a driver for next year, we know someone very, very keen…


Sandpit Steve

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Tuesday 3rd September
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Great news, always good to hear about (relatively) cheap ways of going racing. driving

Well done to Porsche for supporting a grassroots series like this, when it would be really easy for them to only think about £100k GT4s and £200k GT3 Cups. bow


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Tuesday 3rd September
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I’ve got no money and no talent!

So who wants to give me a seat?