Any good independent Jag service people

Any good independent Jag service people



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Thursday 20th March 2003
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Really annoyed with my local dealers who have "fixed" a problem on my car but after taking the car back the problem is still there!!!!!

Does anyone know of a good indy company who can carry out fixes/checks in the Northampton to High Wycombe area?


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Wednesday 26th March 2003
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If Junction 21 area of the M1 in Leicester isn't too far, I'd recommend John Skeggs. Contact is Simon Skeggs on 0116 2751109.
They are independant Jaguar specialists and I've found not too expensive. Half the price of main dealer for a service.
Simon likes a challenge and seems to fix problems where main dealer 'experts' have failed.



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Monday 4th August 2003
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Swallows in Ruislip down the A40 too seem ok.