Lotus M250
The Demise


Update 2

It's a glum day for Lotus fans. It seems Lotus's reevaluation of the M250 for global markets has resulted in the project being binned. According to a letter sent to those who have deposits on the car, the M250 wouldn't have satisfied the needs of the global marketplace and therefore won't go into production. Deposits have been returned and Lotus say the next all new car won't arrive for at least three years.

It doesn't bode well for Lotus who have done so much to reinvent their road-car business in the last decade. The popularity of the Elise brought Lotus back into the mainstream and helped change many people's perception of the company and its cars. The 340R whilst not selling as well as hoped also helped to bolster Lotus's image as an innovative company. The M250 was a worthy addition to the range and seemed achievable before delays and dithering contributed to its demise.

The history of Lotus cars has been 'interesting' and sadly the original M250 will just be another 'interesting' chapter.

Lotus are committed to placing a car in the segment targeted for the M250, but we'll have to wait longer than we hoped to see it.

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