Bloodhound SSC competition!

On the 26, 28 and 30th of October, Newquay will host the first ever trial run of the Bloodhound SSC, prior to an attempt to reach a new World Land Speed record of 1,000mph. The trial run will take the car to speeds of up to 200mph and will be driven by the current world land speed record title holder, Andy Green.

This is a huge engineering feat with the purpose of not only setting a new world record but, just as importantly, to inspire a new generation of young people to engage with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in an exciting and innovative way.

We've got two pairs of tickets to give away for the public day at Newquay airport next week, on Saturday 28th October. To enter the competition, just complete the form below.


If you're entering on mobile, click here.

For more information and to buy tickets, click here.


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