Golf R400 testing again?

Remember the Golf R400 concept? Revealed at Beijing more than three years ago now, it promised a hell of a lot from the fast Golf formula. Like 200hp per litre, for a start. Nothing appeared to come from it, then there was that diesel issue, and now we're looking forward to VWs like the SEDRIC.

But what noise is coming from those exhausts?
But what noise is coming from those exhausts?
Or are we? These latest spy shots appear to show an even faster Golf R on the 'ring, now with a pair of chunky exhausts, a slightly tweaked rear spoiler and a set of wheels that appear to be borrowed from a B7 Audi RS4. Note as well some wavier front brake discs, rather like those on an Audi RS3 in fact.

Speaking of the RS3, our spy photographer suggests that this car is using a five-cylinder engine. Frustratingly there isn't a video to support this, though of course the last VW seen on the Nordschleife with these exhaust pipes was the 'Tiguan R' - which most definitely did have a five-cylinder engine. Could it be that VW is finally being given more access to that lovely 2.5-litre turbo? Or will the EA888 2.0-litre be boosted even further?

Go on VW, you know you want to...
Go on VW, you know you want to...
A 400hp Golf, ridiculous though it sounds, won't be short of rivals either. You can buy a Focus RS with a warrantied 375hp, a Mercedes A-Class with 381hp and the 400hp RS3, don't forget. Moreover, given how well the standard Golf R has been received, you'd think VW would be extremely eager to add to the range.

So, what do you think this might be? Could it be the first five-cylinder Golf since the old V5s? Or is VW duping us all, when the car is in fact a simple facelift? All thoughts welcome as always...



[Source: Autocar, images by S.B. Medien]

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  • QuattroDave 21 Sep 2017

    Love the 5 cylinder engine in no small part due to eight years urq ownership but man the golf leaves me cold. Always has done.

    I'm sure it's very capable and with this engine sound great but I could never bring myself to owning one. Can't quite put my finger on why but it's there and won't go away!

  • Yipper 21 Sep 2017

    If they can tame the understeer from the different weighting of the bigger engine, it will be an epic car, and probably at a fair price.

  • andrewparker 21 Sep 2017

    The car the RS3 should be?

  • phil4 21 Sep 2017

    Just spec'd an existing golf R, and with very few options got it very close to 40K.

    While I'm sure this'll be a cracking addition to the range, I do wonder how close to 40K it'll end up being. I may be a tight git, but don't fancy all the extra tax if I'm only just over the 40K limit.

  • HedgeyGedgey 21 Sep 2017

    I dont think theres a market for this car tho? Itll be priced similar to the rs3 and a45, who in their right mind will spend that kinda money on a golf. The others have the premium feel and badge. We all know the rs3 is the daddy in the hot/huper hatch sector anyway wink

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