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New Audi RS4 Bronze Edition is 'built for stealth'

25-car limited production RS4 gets bronze accents, sports exhausts and Β£82k asking price

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Poor old RS4. What with the RS6 now hogging the Audi Sport headlines, the lesser fast wagon in the range is in danger of being forgotten about. After all, who wants the 2.9-litre, 450hp, V6 one, if you could have the 4.0-litre, 600hp, V8 one?

To keep the RS4 in the minds of the buying public, the UK is being treated to a new 'Bronze Edition'. As that name implies, it are the bronze accents that mark this B9 Avant out from the others - see the wheels, most noticeably, with bronze stitching there to complement it inside. The Vesuvius Paint is also new, accompanied by a black grille and intakes, matt carbon lip spoiler, black roof rails, the sports exhaust and matt carbon mirror caps. Nice...

Otherwise, it's simply a nicely specced RS4: the bi-turbo V6 continues unchanged, sending power to the ground via an eight-speed auto and quattro that can distribute up to 85 per cent of motive force to the rear wheels. All 25 Bronze Editions come with the Comfort Pack (keyless entry, power tailgate, 360-degree camera), and the Sound Pack, meaning audio is delivered via a 755-watt, 19-speaker system.

For now, then, until the 25 Bronze Editions find customers, the RS4 range currently stands at four: standard car, Carbon Black, Vorsprung and this one. Audi says the range offers a slightly different take on the superfast Avant theme that will suit enthusiasts who prefer to keep a relatively low profile, those with more extrovert tastes and those for whom luxury and the latest technological developments carry as much weight as cornering capability and pace.

The Bronze will sit at the top of the RS4 range, at £82,395; the standard car starts at £64,600, the Carbon Black is £71,000 and the Vorsprung is £82,200. So, it's £195 to have your wheels painted and get some limited-edition kudos, which sounds a fair deal. Audi dealers are waiting to hear from you right now...

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