Thread of the Day: Your most memorable F1 moment

The Formula One season is filled with highs and lows for drivers and spectators alike, one weekend your favourite driver could be standing atop the podium, looking untouchable and the next he could be getting caught up in a crash or suffering reliability issues.

Ask any fan though, and each of them will recount a moment in the sport which stands out for them - good or bad. From celebrations to commiserations and death defying overtakes to spine chilling accidents. So far this year, we have had more than a few such moments including Vettel's shunt on Hamilton, Ferrari's Silverstone woes, contact between team mates and of course F1 live in London.

Normally the unforgettable moments are those life altering ones, be it a win, a narrow loss or a serious accident, but PHers are a little different. Many mention the different eras of F1 with battles between the likes of Senna and Mansell, others talk of their personal experiences at races, while some have more peculiar memories, like watching Mika Hakkinen drive through Woking in his Championship winning McLaren.

What is your most memorable moment? Let us know here

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P.H. O'meter

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