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Steroidal ABT RS6-R due next year

German tuner previews its latest take on Audi's flagship . estate

By Sam Sheehan / Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Of all the mainstream cars presently out there the new Audi RS6 Avant is arguably the one most primed for ABT work. Its steroidal in standard trim with the sort of unstoppable, glued down performance from factory that must send ABT’s engineers into a state of frenzied excitement. The tuner has form with the super estate, of course, its boffins having extracted 1,018hp from the part electrified RS6 halo last year. But this time round, the work is set to be more accessible, as previewed by a tuned-up version of the latest variant that’ll receive significant aesthetic upgrades.

Computer generated images of the car have been released showing how ABT has somehow managed to turn up the muscle in a machine that’s already as beefy as a tighthead prop. The twin-turbo V8 Avant looks to be sat on lower springs, with 20-spoke wheels that accentuate the RS6’s footprint, but it’s the new front bumper which really draws attention. A lot. It’s cluttered, yes, but there’s a massive new front splitter at the base, suggesting ABT’s wind tunnel work is intended to provide proper aerodynamic performance.

That suggestion is backed by the fitment of M3-aping door mirrors, side skirts with fins, and air vanes at the car’s rear - including a line of them on the turbulence-sensitive rear window sides. Then there’s a three-slat diffuser. That it’s all based on a car with monumental mechanical grip out of the box suggests we’re looking at quite the Nordschleife monster.

That’s all before we consider the engine upgrades that are almost inevitably headed for this upcoming car. While the crazy heights of four-figure RS6 power are unlikely this time around, could 650hp, maybe even 675hp be in reach with ABT’s work on the 4.0-litre block? We wouldn’t want to bet against it given the recent form of one of Germany’s most productive tuners…

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