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ABT RS4+ gets C63-rivalling power

Abt sold all its RS4-Rs, so here's another chance to buy one!

By Matt Bird / Friday, January 18, 2019

What's better than a fast Audi? A faster fast Audi, of course, a niche that Abt has been happily occupying for a good while now. Indeed they're probably happier than ever, given the 510hp RS4-Rs launched at the Geneva show last year all sold out.

Consequently Abt are making some more, this time under an 'RS4+' billing - much like its RS6+ of a little while back. And not to be confused with the Audi RS Plus models of not long back, and the current R8 Plus. Like the RS4-R, the RS4+ has been tickled to 510hp through a bespoke ECU module, with the option of 530hp via the Abt Power S power boost. Torque is rated at 501lb ft, resulting in a sub-four-second sprint to 62mph and - it would have to be assumed - a top speed knocking on the door of 190mph if the limiter is removed.

As with the R, the Plus features a range of modifications to make it that bit sharper to drive than standard, as well as faster. Abt's own height adjustable suspension and anti-roll bars are fitted, and it would have to be hoped that these 20-inch wheels might be a little lighter than standard. The quadrumvirate of 102mm exhaust pipes aren't said to contribute anything beyond some more twin-turbo V6 racket, but they do look quite cool.

Indeed the whole RS4+ look is rather appealing, it being lower and meaner than the rather handsome standard car. Of course being so low throws up its own usability issues for a car that's ostensibly a five-seat family estate, and naturally you'd want a lengthy go before buying, but to hell with it - this Audi looks great.

As before, Abt will make 50 of these cars and exhibit the Plus at Geneva in Viper Green. Nice. Should you be after one, orders are being taken now and deliveries are scheduled to begin in March - making another Beast from the East welcome, if these pics are anything to go by...

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