G Power launches 440hp M140i upgrade

While a good few years old now, the inherent appeal of the BMW M Performance 1 and 2 Series models hasn't yet waned: put a large, powerful engine in a relatively compact, rear-wheel drive car, make it reasonably affordable and the popularity is easy to understand. Sure, it's perhaps not the most dynamically adept hot hatch out there, but it is unique in the sector.

Since its introduction in 2012, the turbocharged M135i (and M140i successor) has attracted plentiful attention from tuners, and this latest kit from G Power proves that work continues apace. Following on from a recent V1 upgrade for the 40i engined cars, G Power is now onto V2, and that means 440hp...

Yep, 440hp in a pretty standard looking 1 Series. Allied to 435lb ft and a delimit, G Power claims more than 174mph is possible. Building on the V1 software upgrade - or "optimised maps for the engine electronics" in G Power speak - V2 for the 40i 3.0-litre introduces stainless steel downpipes which are claimed to add another 40hp. Yes, a bold claim to say the least. But getting air in and out of turbocharged engines is key to power gains, and if they've been designed to work with the remap... Alright, 440 might be overstating their effectiveness, but however much more than 400hp it actually is, it remains a very exciting prospect in a small, five-door hatch. G Power says its work "remains within the technically acceptable limits with regard to the usable potential of the engines", while also offering M3 levels of performance.

Sounds ideal, right? Best of all, G-Power is marking its 35th anniversary by offering 35 per cent off its wares - that means the 400hp V1 upgrade is €1,740. With early cars now down to less than £14k, there's the potential for a pretty affordable 400hp there. But if that leads to a full overhaul of brakes, suspension, tyres and the like, then don't blame us...

[Source: Carscoops]


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  • housen 25 Sep 2018


  • cookington 25 Sep 2018

    I'm far from an expert but I think the Golf R/Audi S3 2.0 TSI can make 400hp with intake, exhaust and remap. I would think 400hp would easily be achieved in the BMW.

  • gofasterrosssco 25 Sep 2018

    Probably appealing for the casual autobahn user/ straight line hero, but in the UK at least, the last thing these cars really need is more power / torque through the standard open diff and using the standard suspension IMO..

  • J4CKO 25 Sep 2018

    had a quick go in a 140i with a reputed 450 bhp and it was savage, they are routinely hitting these kind of numbers with a remap and downpipe. The M135i will make 400 fairly simply.

    Problem is traction really, the scope is definitely there but as standard they can be a tad unruly, add just a remap/box to 370 ish and its getting a bit more frantic, 450 bhp really easily overwhelms the available grip from the rears, its fun and more is usually better but really the more power you add, the more you need that LSD and some suspension mods to contain it.

    Mental though, how easily you can get hold of a 400 bhp car these days, but really hey do need more work to be a proper package other than just engine tuning.

  • TartanPaint 25 Sep 2018

    Here's the link to 140s in the classifieds.


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