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George Harrison's old 500 SEL AMG goes to auction

Well it's a cool old Merc already, now with some superstar ownership as well - best hope pockets are deep!

By Matt Bird / Friday, January 18, 2019

Celebrity ownership stories are not all that notable on PH, usually because the cars are unoriginal choices and the fact it was once owned by a Championship footballer doesn't make it less so. Some instances, though, are rather more interesting than others.

Take this 1984 W126 500 SEL Mercedes. Everyone knows that old, fast Mercedes saloons are very cool, especially when specced out in full Yakuza black with black wheels. This one is even more intriguing though, having been equipped at the supplying dealer with a full roster of AMG kit - 1984 being before the full amalgamation of Mercedes and AMG. Parts fitted include a bodykit, lowered suspension, interior upgrades and the Penta alloys that took the price beyond £85,000. A huge amount of money 35 years ago; it's a lot of money for a Merc saloon now, come to think of it.

So it's a fascinating car already, one clearly ordered and specced by a discerning enthusiast. But it just so happens that that enthusiast was George Harrison, who purchased the car new in 1984 and drove it 30,000 miles over the following 18 years. Proper car, then, and proper famous person ownership - win win.

Having then been owned by Harrison's friend Ray Cooper, the SEL was in storage between 2013 and 2017 and subject to a £10k restoration during last year. Now it's up for sale at Anglia Car Auctions next weekend (26th January), with an estimate of £50-£70,000.

Sounds like big money, sure, but the very best W126s on PH are currently in the region of £50k, and even more ordinary examples are above £20,000. If you're into big, bad Mercedes, then, and love The Beatles - what fine taste you have - the George Harrison 500SEL ought to be of interest.

This being an Anglia Car Auctions sale, though, there are plenty of other worthwhile lots to peruse. They include and Alfa 33 track car, the Mini van from the Goodwood Revival, a Buick Riviera, a 100,000-mile McLaren and a Peugeot 504 wagon with room for seven - marvellous. Oh yes, and just in case the Mercedes isn't enough George Harrison for you, his old Porsche 928 is being sold as well. Happy bidding!


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