Ultima GTR is a World Beater!

The Ultima Factory have been burning rubber this week - setting a catalogue of devastatingly fast world beating performance figures. They've used the same 640bhp Ultima GTR which smashed the 0-100mph-0 world record in August.

Ultima used the facilities at the world renowned Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) and Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground to set the times.

The tests were conducted, overseen and verified by an official from Datron Technology who are acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records and the motoring press as official timekeepers.

The Ultima GTR was fully road legal, fitted with road tyres, built to a standard factory specification and it was driven to and from each test venue!

The world beating performance figures obtained are:











100mph-0 Braking


Speed Achieved

 204mph on the Bruntingthorpe straight

Top Speed

 231mph est. (gearing limited)

Standing ¼ mile     

10.5secs @ 140mph terminal* 

The Ultima used was fitted with a Chevrolet V8 of 377cu (6177cc). Along with the immense power (641bhp), the engine delivers an earth-spinning 545 ft/lbs of torque through its Porsche G50 transmission.       

Ultima reckon that the quarter mile time could be bettered. The standing quarter mile time could be at least two tenths of a second faster if tested at an official drag strip as it uses a timing system which is configured differently to the Microsat GPS equipment operated by Datron. The traction available on a seasoned drag strip could also improve matters further.

The Driver

Director of Ultima Sports Ltd, Richard Marlow, who was the driver of the car during the record runs, said  “To put the figures into perspective this 640bhp Ultima GTR is the fastest road legal car Datron Technology have ever timed by a huge amount and they have tested some of the most exotic super cars on the planet."

He continued, "We were for example a full second quicker than the £630,000 McLaren F1 to 150mph and several seconds more rapid than other super cars. There are very few cars with a 200mph plus top speed capability that accelerate sufficiently well to actually achieve 200mph on the relatively short Bruntingthorpe 1.8 mile runway but the Ultima GTR managed it with ease from a standing start at the beginning of the straight with plenty left in reserve."

Still beaming from their world record, Richard told us "We are also confident that there is significant room for improvement in our 0-100mph-0-world record, as we have trimmed over four tenths of a second from our 0-100mph time during recorded runs on the mile straight at MIRA. During testing the Ultima repeatedly recorded world breaking times and for example achieved over ten 0-100mph runs in the 5secs bracket back to back. We have been forced to work around the recent bad weather to achieve the results and the recorded figures have created a real stir in the automotive world.”

Ted Marlow

Ted Marlow, Managing Director, commented, “We are continuously developing our product and these sensational figures help to demonstrate this fact. The record times were set in an Ultima GTR that was built with standard factory components which means that the Ultima that was tested was a standard car from the price lists and not a specially tuned hybrid."

Hinting at what else is to come, he told PH: "American Speed- our official OE engine suppliers, who built the 640bhp world record-breaking engine also work a policy of continuous development. They have just released today an Ultima specification 700 bhp 377cu.in and a 720 bhp 406 cu.in engine option, which utilise amongst other changes lightweight titanium valves that help boost power output.  This was the result of extensive research and testing on their in house dyno and American Speed have succeeded in building another engine that although making the Ultima devastatingly quick will ensure that the car is a pleasure to drive at normal road speeds."

"The Ultima GTR that set the 0-100mph-0 world record has since been busy with show appearances at Donington and for the whole of last week in an exhibition at MIRA where it was displayed alongside a current spec Jaguar F1 car”

Ultima hopes to be invited to appear in the next series of Top Gear so that they can hand over the keys to the Stig and demolish the current lap record.


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  • klassiekerrally 01 Oct 2004

    'Ultima hopes to be invited to appear in the next series of Top Gear so that they can hand over the keys to the Stig and demolish the current lap record.'

    Yes please!

  • skid 01 Oct 2004

  • d3vine 01 Oct 2004

    What's the redline on the 700hp 377ci engine? Is it still 8000rpm?

  • dern 01 Oct 2004

    How much can you build one of these for?

  • burwoodman 01 Oct 2004


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