Porsche Cayman RS on the way?

Is there a Porsche Cayman RS?
Is there a Porsche Cayman RS?
There’s a possibility that Porsche is working on a RS version of the Cayman.

While there’ll never be a Turbo version -- it would overlap the 911 -- a lightened Cayman with a rollcage and race-style seats with harnesses has been snapped circulating at -- where else? -- the Nurburgring, according to Autocar. Expect the suspension to be uprated too. It could be badged as either an RS or take the Clubsport name -- Porsche's traditional name for a lightened version of a standard car.

Alternatively, the car could of course be the product of one of the myriad of German Porsche tuners, since Porsche has previously denied that it has plans to make a faster Cayman, reckoning that it would take it too close to the 911 for comfort. Autocar reckons that sales of the Cayman have not been as strong as Porsche hoped so maybe a bit of glitz is required to boost the sales numbers...

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  • crook 27 Apr 2006

    968 all over again?

  • rumplestiltskin 27 Apr 2006

    In the May06 copy of EVO (P20) Wolfgang Durheimer (Head of R & D at Porsche) says a more hardcore or hot Cayman is not likely to happen - the 911 is Porsche's sole motorsport vehicle, making "hardcore" type spin off's of 911's (such as the GT3) quite easy to engineer.

    The Cayman doesn't benefit from this making it very expensive to do.

    He also says that the main focus at the moment is the Panamera (2009) & the next generation of 911 (which he says will feature a 4ltr engine)

    Also no plans for another CGT-type Supercar as Porsche is too busy with the Panamera to divert resources.


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  • agoogy 27 Apr 2006

    Bring it on!!!

    a bit shoddy but...

    www.pumopumo.net/porsche/ archives/2005/12/rs.html

  • shoestring7 27 Apr 2006

    I don't think marketing a stripped out CS spec Cayman (or Cayman S) would contradict Durheimer's statement. As in the 968CS they were primarily de-contenting the car to reduce the price point. Neither do I think a Cayman CS at Boxster prices would cannibalise sales.

    I'd certainly be in the market as a replacement fom my 968CS.


  • Adam B 27 Apr 2006

    rumplestiltskin said:
    The Cayman doesn't benefit from this making it very expensive to do.

    how expensive is it to take a car that has already passed all the TUV stuff and remove soundproofing, some toys, some interior fittings and add a tweaked, sportier suspension and plaster some naff CS stickers down the side?

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