M14 Official Pics

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  • johnny senna 26 May 2004

    It reminds me a bit of a Lister Storm.

  • BrianTheYank 26 May 2004

    I hate it I hate it I hate it

    Go back to the old styling

  • ccharlie6 26 May 2004

    i'm sorry my own personal opinion is that i don't hugely like it, does anyone else think that the back of it is a 90% rip off of a lambo murci?

  • mrflibbles 26 May 2004

    Nope, i dont like it either. Echo the comments about the murci style back end.

    I also think the front and rear overhangs are far too large...

    Maybe its a grower.

  • sublimatica 26 May 2004

    I love it. There isn't a single kit-car element in this design, which isn't something I could say about the earlier cars (no idea what they're all called).

    This is firmly in GT-territory looks-wise, IMHO. Earlier cars were quirky and unique. This is up with the big marques.

    Nice one, Noble. Very different to a TVR, but with TVR's current designs that's no bad thing.

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