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Range Rover Suffix A: Pic of the Week

Remember when Range Rovers were really cool?

By Matt Bird / Sunday, April 21, 2019

Nowadays it's hard to imagine when 4x4s were genuinely innovative and ground-breaking, though of course that's what the original Range Rover once was. By combining the off-road prowess Land Rovers were known for with some actual everyday civility in the early 70s, a four-wheeled niche was born that has gone on to expand every which way since.

To mark the significance of the Range Rover in these SUV-obsessed times (and to tick off a long held ambition to drive one), having a go in this early Suffix A made a great deal of sense. Now closer to its 50th birthday than its 40th, we can surely all agree that the original Range Rover is growing old extremely gracefully.

There's a full drive feature to follow, though we couldn't help but lavish further attention on this lovely car in a Pic of the Week wallpaper. In Sahara Dust with tan it carries off an oh-so-70s spec with considerable aplomb, and that Range Rover silhouette still looks excellent. We loved looking at it, in fact, almost as much as driving it - but more on that point soon. For now, take a step back to the 70s with a new desktop wallpaper!

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