Chrysler 300C SRT-8 Touring: You Know You Want To

With its boxy, rugged appearance, 20-inch rims and vast chrome grille, the Chrysler 300C SRT-8 Touring seems to exude macho American attitude from every angle. Ironically enough though, it was never actually sold there, buyers across the pond instead getting the very similar Dodge Magnum SRT-8. For some reason, the Chrysler was sold here though - and in right-hand drive no less - giving one lucky PHer the chance to buy a Yank tank of their very own. Should they though?

Silver should mean less hearse jibes. Hopefully
Silver should mean less hearse jibes. Hopefully
One very good reason to take the plunge is, of course, the engine. Under the 'hood' you'll find a 6.1-litre V8 Hemi with 425hp and 420lb ft of torque, getting the 300C SRT-8 to 62mph in just five seconds. That's an awful lot of muscle for the school run.

Underneath, meanwhile, it's got Brembo brakes and uprated suspension to stop things getting out of hand. And being American, it naturally comes fully loaded as well: black leather and suede SRT interior, those 20-inch SRT alloys, a sunroof, parking sensors, navigation system, climate control, cruise control, electric heated seats, an upgraded sound system, Bluetooth connectivity... the list goes on.

Despite all that, it still can't really be called refined, especially compared to some of the cars it took on by daring to set foot in the world of performance saloons. It doesn't really want to be though. It's American, after all. Refinement to the SRT-8 is wiping your hands on a napkin instead of your trousers once you're finished with your hot wings. It does things its own way, it's definitely not pretentious, and it's certainly not about to apologise for it.

Well you're not buying it for the interior, are you?
Well you're not buying it for the interior, are you?
What it does offer, then, is a lot of space and a lot of power in something you can be sure most people won't have been passed by before. It's simultaneously a fast estate, a muscle car, a curio import and a practical daily - fuel costs aside. That's enough to warrant consideration at least.

So what could you have instead? Well, if you like the idea of the 300C but don't want an estate, there's always the saloon. There are similarly priced alternatives from BMW, although at this price the M5 Touring is still £10,000 out of reach. A Mercedes C63 AMG might be right up your street, or of course an Audi RS4.

What separates this from those then? Well, just look at the odometer. Having seen only 6,800 miles from new, this 300C is as close to factory fresh as you're going to get. Compare that to the many dozens of thousands of miles you'll be looking at on similarly priced European alternatives, and you may just have a very compelling reason to go with the Chrysler. That and the Hemi, of course.

Why you should: It's a barely used 300C SRT-8 for less than half price!
Why you shouldn't: How much do you really want a barely used 300C SRT-8?

See the original ad here.

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Comments (40) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Johnspex 11 Nov 2017

    I'd have that in a heartbeat if I could afford it. However, I think I'd spend all my time wishing it was black.

  • rehab71 11 Nov 2017

    Whilst that's a hell of a lot of car for the money at that engine is very rare. I just couldn't drive a 300C without feeling really council!

  • Yipper 11 Nov 2017

    Would consider it for a laugh or punt at £9k. But at £19k, it is into decent M3 or Cayman money and the badge just can't compete.

  • rockin 11 Nov 2017

    Yipper said:
    the badge just can't compete.

  • Barchettaman 11 Nov 2017

    These are absolutely gigantic up front and, if you can stomach the Poundland interior, are wonderful places to be.

    I'd have one in a heartbeat if I could afford to run it.

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