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The Β£10k TVR trade-off | From the forums

Or, as PHer Technoholic put it - as fast as you can go for Β£10k. Assistance required...

By Jack Mansfield / Saturday, February 08, 2020

The car buying dilemma is a classic topic in the forums, and it can come in many different shapes and sizes. What SUV for under £20k? What supercar shall I buy? What can I get for under £1,000 to ferry the dog around? All equally tricky and fun to tackle at the same time... But what's the quandary we've picked out this week? PHer Technoholic is selling his TVR Tuscan and will be left with about £10k to play with, so wants another fast two seater - preferably a GT car...

There have been some good calls from the PH community so far, such as a Nissan 350Z, a BMW Z4 and an E46 M3. All fantastic suggestions, and ones that Technoholic will likely love. But it's also a good excuse to go rummaging through the classifieds myself, so here's a few I've found...

It turns out the 350Z suggestion was very good indeed. There are lots of good examples for under £10k, but this GT4 Limited Edition car certainly stands out the most in its Ultra Yellow paint. Near enough 300hp, and a silky V6 with exhaust note to match. This being a pre 2006 model means it's in the lower tax bracket, which helps.

Second on the list is an obvious one, but that makes it no less exciting... The Porsche Boxster (987) is a go-to sports car which will reward it's owner with fantastic handling, a zippy flat-six engine and residuals that many others can't offer. At bang on £10k, you won't get any change, but do you care?

Third in line is the Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG. The only one under £10k in the classifieds is this example, which is up for £8,989. For that you'll get a proper AMG car with a stylish folding hard top and 355hp from the 5.4l V8 engine (accompanied by an exhaust note to die for). The down side is obviously the slightly high mileage, but it's advertised with a full service history and these cars are supposed to be pretty bullet proof, so that shouldn't be too much of a worry. Fancy it Technoholic?

Do you have any more suggestions for your fellow PHer? Jump in the thread here and have your say!

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