If you have ever sold a car privately there is a good chance you will have been pestered by canvassers at some point. PistonHeads is now offering sellers the opportunity to eliminate this aggravation by using a 'PhoneSafe' number in place of their own telephone numbers.

What are the benefits of using PhoneSafe?

  • PhoneSafe blocks calls from known canvassers and leaves you free to answer queries from people genuinely interested in buying your vehicle.
  • It is a free service for PistonHeads advertisers.
  • Sellers are able to keep their own phone numbers private.

How much will it cost to use PhoneSafe?

There is no charge for PistonHeads sellers who want to use PhoneSafe. Buyers who contact a seller through PhoneSafe will be charged only a small amount more than direct calls. The charges are listed below:

  • Day: 37.5p
  • Evening: 25.0p
  • Weekend: 12.5p

All prices are pence per minute from a BT Landline. Please be aware that calls from a mobile may be charged at up to £1 per minute; we've included the rates for the top three providers for your reference.

  • EE: 75p
  • 02: 55p
  • Vodafone: 55p

PhoneSafe is a completely optional service for sellers.

What is a canvasser?

Research has shown unsolicited contact from third parties is your single biggest irritation when selling cars. Canvassers typically trawl classified magazines and websites to contact sellers to attempt to persuade sellers to advertise with them. We recommend declining offers from canvassers, who may try to persuade you to pay to advertise elsewhere. PistonHeads is regularly contacted by customers who have paid money to canvassers on the promise of a number of buyers interested in their car. On many occasions, these buyers fail to materialise.

How do I identify a canvassing call?

Canvassers search through car adverts both online and in magazines looking for sellers to contact. They will typically call you feigning interest in buying your vehicle before attempting to persuade you to advertise elsewhere. These unsolicited calls can be extremely frequent and are a major irritation for sellers. Canvassers will often assure you they have a number of people interested in your car but often when you have signed up these buyers disappear. PistonHeads recommends you decline offers from canvassers as they can make the business of selling your car far more expensive. PhoneSafe can only block calls from known canvassers and the odd one might escape the system. However we continue to update the system and more canvassers are added each month.

Will PhoneSafe affect the response to my advert?

Sellers are not going to notice any difference in the amount of genuine interest in their car as only canvassers, not buyers, will be filtered out.