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Koenigsegg Gemera | Not Geneva 2020

248mph four-seater uses three electric motors and a 2.0-litre three-pot at its heart. Also has eight cup holders

By Sam Sheehan / Tuesday, March 3, 2020

If you thought things couldn’t get more technically exciting than McLaren’s 765LT and Alfa’s Giulia GTA, meet the Koenigsegg Gemera, which is quite possibly the maddest car to come out of Sweden’s madder than mad hypercar maker. Where do we even start? It’s a four-seat ‘Mega-GT’ that uses three electric motors and – get this – a 2.0-litre three-cylinder engine to produce a combined 1,700hp and 2,581lb ft of torque. The car has a 1.9sec 0-62mph time and 248mph top speed when they’re all on, or a 186mph peak in EV mode. Or, conversely, it’s packed full of grand touring kit, with a rear infotainment screen, eight cup holders (!) and ISOFIX bars, to name a few bits, to live up to that Mega-GT title. See, told you. Mad.

You’ll no doubt be wondering about those cup ho… that three-pot engine. It’s a dry-sumped twin-turbo engine that produces 600hp and 443lb ft alone thanks to being of cam-less, Freevalve form. That, you may already know, is Koenigsegg’s innovative combustion engine technology, which enables the use of second-gen ethanol or CO2-neutral methanol – or E85 if neither of those are available. It allows Koenigsegg to claim that its new Mega-GT can be carbon neutral with its drinking habits; it can actually be CO2-free for up to 31 miles in pure EV mode, too. Two of those electric motors are located on the rear axle, the other drives the crank directly.

Such a high-tech powerplant deserves a high-tech chassis, and the Gemera duly delivers with both all-wheel torque vectoring and all-wheel steer. Koenigsegg said it enables better agility, stability and manoeuvrability, as is often the case with this stuff, while also allowing for “limitless tunability and adaptability of steering and driving feel”. We take that to mean the driveline has some pretty wide adjustment windows thanks to the ‘flexibility’ provided by that powerplant, allowing for the car to go from bloody fast to flipping rapid. Or something like that.

Mind you, it’s not all about getting from A-B in the quickest possible time. Koenigsegg reckons its Gemera is also one of the safest cars on the market, with a carbon monocoque, wraparound windscreen and short overhangs supposedly making it not only easy to drive but also ultra-tough. There’s no shortage of safety tech on board, with six smart airbags and Koenigsegg’s active ADAS 2.5 driver assist tech to try and reduce the chances of its pilot dim-wittedly unleashing 1,700hp. It's also remarkably spacious, with no need to slide the front seats forward for access to the rear, and lots of room for grand touring luggage.

300 examples of the Gemera will be made, each with those rotating doors and no doubt a whole host of bespoke trim to make no two cars the same. The price? Good question. It’s not out yet, but we doubt you’d even get a sniff of a chance at securing a car with this many cup holders (four hot, four cold!) with anything less than six zeros at the end of it.

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