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VW Golf R EV points to hot road model

One-off Golf R uses ID R hardware and hints at sporting intentions for electric ID range

By Sam Sheehan / Friday, January 31, 2020

Volkswagen has teased the idea of it producing a high-performance electric model with the creation of an EV ice racer, based on the Golf R TCR and using ID R hardware. The e-Performance Golf R one-off, which is headed to Austria’s Zell am See Ice Race (along with Bentley’s special Conti GT) this weekend, is labelled as “a view of the future” by brand motorsport boss, Sven Smeets, leading to speculation that a high-performance electric range is to be launched in the manner of GTI to sit atop the ID line-up.

VW’s two-motor-powered Golf R does not look to be a direct hint at the future car, because the Mk8 Golf isn’t due to get an all-electric version thanks to the arrival of the ID hatch. Instead, it looks to be a technical demonstration of how future hot variants of ID cars could be. The ice racer’s all-wheel drive power is provided by a motor on each axle, with the batteries located in the car’s floor like the MEB platform that underpins the ID models. A setup fit for the new decade, you might say – certainly it follows form of other EV makers looking for more power.

Aside from that, we’re left with very little else until the Golf R EV runs in Austria. It comes as part of a swathe of electric motorsport activity, what with VW now fully committed to electric motorsport. Indeed, it’s likely that Smeets comments also relate to the creation of an EV racing car in the future. It wouldn’t be difficult, you’d think, what with sister brand Seat having already launched a Leon e-Racer for competition in the e-TCR Series. With the ID R having broken records at pretty much every venue it’s gone against the stopwatch, Volkswagen’s electric ambitions are certainly clear. All it really lacks is the road car to go with them.

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