PH Fleet: Mazda Eunos Roadster

Harris is aghast. A previous report featuring not one but four Mazdas, all driven by Trents, was bad enough. And then the PH Fleet gains another MX-5, this one joining Garlick's fleet and to be discussed further in due course. It's the same colour as his TVR at least, just with half the number of cylinders.

The Eunos isn't enjoying autumnal gloom
The Eunos isn't enjoying autumnal gloom
What of mine though? Well, after the excitement of the wedding fleet detail and a little burst of late summer sunshine greedily hoovered up with every day treated as if it might be the last opportunity to enjoy a bit of roof down driving (might well be too, even for a militant 'the roof's coming down no matter what' roadster driver like myself) things have quietened down for the little Eunos.

Sadly evicted from the garage I sub-letted off a mate for a song the Mazda has been shivering in the autumnal rain and getting a bit sulky through lack of use.

Shameful really but there it is, the revenge being a distinct lack of interest in holding much battery charge and a need to break out the jump leads on the rare occasions a Eunos-friendly journey beckons.

Harris concerned by the new arrival
Harris concerned by the new arrival
Daddy cool?
Some significant lifestyle changes, not least the impending arrival of a little'n, have placed additional pressure on the continued existence of the Mazda on the Trent fleet but, thankfully, another local lock-up has been offered and I'm gunning for out of sight, out of mind and other, ah, distractions meaning a stay of execution. As such - horror - I'm even considering taking it off the road for the winter and at least until the dust settles a little bit. Gaffa taping a baby seat to the harness bar probably isn't the done thing (best check on Mumsnet) but I think it's important some early years indoctrination takes place at the first available opportunity when dad needs to pop out for some shopping, via the lanes of course. (I was of course joking about the Gaffa tape and harness bar - zip ties are probably much better.)

A winter lay-up would at least afford opportunity to muse on what to do about the somewhat fierce ride I blame squarely on the 15-inch wheels. The P5 spring/damper set-up is firm but I reckon - and keep saying it - a return to 14s might off-set that a little. Fellow Mazda-owning hack John Simister, who lives locally, is similarly indecisive and keen to pick the brains of teacher Trent (white car in the fleet pic), whose white UK 1.6 running Gaz dampers has the best set-up John reckons to have tried. Between us we'll get there. And sell any bits left over to Garlick. Kerching!

Gaz-equipped brother's car rides well
Gaz-equipped brother's car rides well
I'm also intrigued by talk in responses to the last update from those who've swapped to non-assisted steering via the simple measure of removing the belt to the power steering pump and draining the fluid. OK, with the powered set-up's quicker rack it's heavy at low speeds but it might be interesting to try it out at least.




Fact sheet:
1993 Eunos Roadster (JDM import model)
Run by: Dan Trent
Bought: January 2011
Purchase price: £1,250
Last month at a glance: Eunos joins a Mazda-dominated family gathering at which someone apparently got married

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  • keith2.2 18 Oct 2012

    At the end Sep last year, I popped my S2000 in the garage "for the winter".

    The work I planned to do over the winter ended up being done last month. Having decided that I'd now happily pay the money I saved by SORNing and not insuring the car for road use over the winter months to be able to jump in whenever I fancy.

    To that ends; the car is now insured, the MOT is tomorrow morning (FINGERS CROSSED!!) and I'll tax tomorrow afternoon.

    My concession to the winter is new tyres on the original 16's (tarty wheels can wait for summer) and the Hard Top is going to stay on. I'll regret that the moment there is a lovely crisp morning, I'm sure.

    Otherwise - If the roof is up, the storm had better have a name!!

  • vrsmxtb 18 Oct 2012

    Mine's sorned until about April. Needs new suspension bits, so will comfortably set money aside over the winter ready for the next spring.

  • HorneyMX5 18 Oct 2012

    I have to say I find winter top down driving far more enjoyable than in the summer. I think it's the crisp cold air and beautiful sunrises on the way to work. Somehow it just seems so much more exciting. Not to mention cold days on summer tyres mean direction of travel is normally sideways on the lock stops.


  • vdubbin 18 Oct 2012

  • TameRacingDriver 18 Oct 2012

    14" wheels do make a significant difference to ride quality, I speak from experience. smile

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