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Maserati Gransport: Reader's Car of the Week

Alfieri news has us excited about a Maserati again; time to remember the last time that happened

By Matt Bird / Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Gransport really was a very pleasant surprise from Maserati in the mid-2000s. The 4200GT, thanks to the styling and the different engine, didn't quite capture the imagination like the wild, beautiful, twin-turbo 3200GT before it. That all changed with the Gransport. Optimised for fast road and circuit use, it finally made the Maserati coupe into a real rival for the likes of the 911 and BMW M6.

It's appeal was never lost on PHer Zombie, a dyed-in-the-wool Alfa fan who had finally been tempted by a Maserati. Apparently the first three months of ownership have been "challenging" with his Fuji White GS - affectionately known as 'The Wedding Dress', which is brilliant - but you wouldn't expect anything less?

What were concerns about the battery voltage proved to be little more than an iffy dash reading, though the oil leak described as minor on the last MOT has proved to be rather more significant... We'll leave Zombie to discuss the further trials and tribulations of Gransport ownership (plus why it's enviable) in the thread, but it already gets a resounding thumbs up from here. Whatever it is being cooked up under that test mule, if it can boost the reputation of Maserati amongst enthusiasts as the Gransport did - arguably it needs it now more than ever - then the brand will surely be onto a winner.

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