Pic Of The Week: all about flow

What is this flow thing Dan seems to have got a bit of a bee in his bonnet about? Well, having written quite a lot about it this week, not least chatting with Mike Cross from Jaguar about how you engineer it, we thought we'd summarise it in photographic form for you.

Doesn't have to be a Jag XFR like the one Mike used to demonstrate the concept of course. Simply insert your car of choice into this scenario and you've got it; namely a classic, winding British B-road full of challenging surfaces, fast and slow corners, some quintessentially English countryside and - if you're lucky - nobody in the way to spoil the view. It's no wonder the cars that shine in this environment are the ones developed here by folk brought up driving these kind of roads. So let's cling on to a bit of 2012's national pride and look forward to a new year packed with flow. Whatever you drive.



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  • TOM500 11 Jan 2013

    Has someone just got back from holidays? It's nearly Easter! Nice sentiment though

  • Evo 11 Jan 2013

    Spent 4 hours this morning trying to get my computer to flow, I am thinking it might be better if I got it to fly.

  • sutats 11 Jan 2013

    Lovely pic.

    But it's a lot easier to achieve the effect in a virtual game (Need For Speed World). Less faffing around and in the warmth of home.

  • Emley 11 Jan 2013

    Just had confirmation a motorcyclist in a high vis jacket took a lovely shot of me flowing down a nice rural road in East Yorkshire on Monday morning.


  • pajsh 12 Jan 2013

    "nobody in the way to spoil the view".

    Why I sold my locost 7.

    Struggled to find any decent roads around us (South Cheshire) not filled with pot holes or people doing 40mph.

    Sunday mornings are still the best when they are all still in bed!

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