Porsche 911 GT2 RS: Pic of the Week

We've now driven the GT2 RS, and given you our thoughts on how it performs. What we haven't yet had much opportunity to do, is pontificate on how it looks; this seems like as good an opportunity as ever.

If we were to beseech you to picture a silver car with carbon fibre racing stripes and gold wheels, one with gaping intakes, louvred wheel arches, yellow calipers and a gigantic rear wing, you'd likely picture something of a dog's dinner. A Gumpert Apollo with a tacky paint job, perhaps.

Well this has all those things and more, and yet, somehow, it just works. As the photos accompanying the article demonstrate, from nearly every angle the GT2 RS is just stunning. Aggressive yet refined, purposeful yet functional, just pretty bloody cool, really.

Feel free to disagree of course, but you'll be wrong. And to celebrate, here's a pretty picture for your viewing pleasure.

Traditional (4:3)
Computer widescreen (16:10)
TV widescreen (16:9)


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  • Aes87 10 Nov 2017

    yeh, better than anything I'll see at the pub tonight

  • PetrolAholic 10 Nov 2017

    Nice POTW - 4k version please! (PLEASE start offering 4k resolutions) There are some forum members that live in the 21st century.

  • Julian Thompson 10 Nov 2017


    1) I own a 991 GT3

    2) I do not have an allocation on a gt2rs

    Forum comment:

    The porsche 911 is still a beautiful shape, an icon, even if it’s latest form. The gt2rs is not beautiful, however - it’s an evolution and a brutish hybrid of the shape - a quasi racer. For me the GT3 or the new 991 “T” is the most beautiful 991 because the shape is purer.

  • Oakman 11 Nov 2017

    An observation on the photographs composition.

    Are the illuminated twin aerials part of the aerodynamic package of the Gt2RS ?

  • Nik Attard 16 Nov 2017

    Sorry, it has taken so long but here it is in 4K.


    Pic of the Week will be updated and now 4K and Quad HD will be readily available.



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