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Wet 'n' wild in Wales | Pic of the Week

Your visual antidote to tomorrow's school run

By Sam Sheehan / Sunday, January 5, 2020

If there’s one thing whixh ought to be on every PHer’s new year’s resolution list, it’s to go out and drive more. Particularly for those of us in Britain, where traffic and worsening tarmac seem to dominate our on-road experiences more with every passing year. But put the effort in to hunt out the best these shores has got to give and you’ll quickly be reminded of its world-class status. Beyond the average speed cameras and school run chaos, the nation has some epic driving roads – so let’s all head out more regularly in 2020 to enjoy them. Deal?

That’s certainly been the shared ethos of PH staffers upon returning to the desk this week, thanks to still-fresh memories of last month’s trip to north Wales with the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro and McLaren 600LT Spider. As Matt’s feature confirmed, this duo – which produce a combined 1,185hp from their turbocharged V8s – represent very different approaches to the same solution. They both add power, agility and lightness to already brilliant templates, but with contrasting results on the tarmac. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Even with machinery half as competent (and expensive) at our disposal, there’s no doubt that the technical, twisting and undulating roads that encircle the peaks of Snowdonia would have remained equally as enthralling during our visit. It helped, of course, that the Welsh Gods were there to provide everything from light snowfall to angelic bursts of sunlight through thick cloud. For PH snapper Sim Mainey, the climatic drama made the numb fingers all the more worthwhile, because it created the setting for his imagination to run wild.

Naturally, it was impossible to nominate just one for Pic of the Week, so here are two to choose from. Let the addition of either to your device’s background be inspiration for more epic drives in 2020.

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