MG ZT-T V8 260: Spotted

There's been a bit of an estate theme coursing through PH recently. Chris Harris has been hooning around in the latest German uberwagons, we've learnt the history of the 3 Series Touring and all of us remain rather fond of the Focus ST fleet estate.

Two valves per cylinder and 57hp per litre...
Two valves per cylinder and 57hp per litre...
Therefore, some kind of classifieds-based feature had to follow. But where to start? The Mini Clubman is a guilty pleasure so it was considered, as well as this interesting Octavia vRS, one of just two petrol models for sale. And the Legacy Spec B proffered a leftfield hot Subaru alternative also.

Plenty of choices then, but we've settled on a car familiar to PH: an MG ZT-T V8, the exact car that featured in Estates of Play in 2011. The Mustang-engined estate was always in contention, but to have such a unique car available meant we had to run with it.

Chris's (aka Kermit Power's) ZT-T V8 is reputedly the only car made in Biomorphic Green too, so it really is one of a kind. Furthermore, having been built for MG Rover Product Director Rob Oldacre, BX03TYY comes with nearly every option including xenon headlights, a stereo upgrade and heated leather/Alcantara seats.

Not-quite Biomorphic Green for the interior
Not-quite Biomorphic Green for the interior
However, of far more interest are the aftermarket tweaks added by Chris to further enhance the ZT-T's appeal (i.e. by enhancing that V8). A pair of stainless steel backboxes 'really make the car sound like it should', plus a K&N air filter should benefit those inside the car too. Moreover, some of the niggles (or charm as some may see it) associated with this wildest of MG Z-cars have been resolved. There's now a full-size spare wheel, the coolant hose has been replaced and fuel pump clip is new as well.

The entire advert, all 1,512 (!) words of it, could easily make a feature by itself, detailing the ups and downs of seven years' ownership with this enigmatic car. This ZT-T has been enjoyed but cherished, with high-quality parts used throughout Chris's ownership.

Some more subtlety available for £9K
Some more subtlety available for £9K
It's easy to forget that, given the constraints facing MG a decade ago, the ZT-T V8 was actually a remarkably decent car. Sure, that ol' lump of iron out front was lazy and it was never going to be an advanced driving experience, but it could tackle corner with a fair degree of composure whilst sounding ace. Indeed, our old friend Riggers described it as 'a brilliant car' that 'even handles moderately adroitly' when he drove this very one in 2011.

The mandatory stuff like the MOT (June 2014) and tax (October) are in place for the next owner, and it's nearly half the price of this low-mileage ZT-T. Finally, after struggling to justify an eccentric V8 yesterday, there's now a reason to own and enjoy a V8; the Lib Dems want combustion engines banned. So go wild, supercharge the thing, and enjoy a fantastic V8 estate whilst it's still possible.

MG ZT-T V8 260
4,601cc V8
Transmission: Five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 260@5,000rpm
Torque (lb ft):3034,000rpm
MPG: 21
CO2: 314g/km
First registered: 2003
Recorded mileage: 81,000
Price new: £28,995
Yours for: £6,995

See the original advert here


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  • GranCab 08 Aug 2013

    I saw a metallic royal blue one in Sainsbury's car park last week (Castle Marina Nottingham) - it looked superb ....

  • bob1179 08 Aug 2013

    A ten from me!

    I still want one of these, an awesome car.


  • VeeDub Geezer 08 Aug 2013

    Yes please!!

  • aarondbs 08 Aug 2013

    I too have an affection for these. Not driven one, but all road tests I have read have said it was a good steer. The engine always seemed to me to be down on power but I am guessing (I am guessing) this could easily be rectified perhaps even without supercharging...

    Do we think this is a future classic, one to keep in excellent nick for a few years before prices bottom out and start to rise again? I suppose the question that begs also is if they will reduce much further..?

  • arkenphel 08 Aug 2013

    I had a spirited thrap with one years ago in my 330ci. It literally crawled away on the straights, but did not take corners too well.

    Sounded nice though!

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