The £10K TVR race car: You Know You Want To

Well here's your riposte to an electric E-Type! It's all quite convenient actually; this feature was planned for the day before the new TVR reveal, but we really didn't know about the Jaguar until this morning. And if you prefer your traditional sports car properly old fashioned, with a big engine and big attitude, you're unlikely to do much better than this.

Good pic to sell a racing car with!
Good pic to sell a racing car with!
What you see jumping over the kerbs at Knockhill here is a 1985 TVR 350i, a road car that's also eligible for competition. Indeed according to the advert this car is first in its class; how many cars are in that class is unknown, but it's still first...

Joking aside, what a brilliant time to be racing a TVR. The brand has made much of its commitment to motorsport with the new car and, while this is very different to a GTE-spec racer at Le Mans, the excitement around TVRs should only grow in the coming years. New TVRs will be racing, old TVRs will be racing, and all of them will be making a wonderful racket. Should be a nice thing to be a part of!

Moreover, this car ties in rather well with a point made on these pages recently: it's a cheap racing car, one that promises a huge amount of entertainment on circuit without breaking the bank. At £10K, this 350i is cheaper than any Griffith you can currently find and only a little more than most other roadgoing 350s. One car has 2,000 miles fewer than this one and is £500 more. But you won't be first in class with that one!

Cheap racing doesn't mean a badly maintained racing car, either. In fact, it's exactly how you would want your competition vehicle: tatty yet presentable on the outside (fine to be biffed on track then), yet well sorted underneath (so it should be reliable). There are some really high quality parts in here too, with Nitron adjustable suspension, Sparco seats and Compomotive wheels. And with nine months MoT you could even drive it to the races if you wanted, though it might be a tad noisy...

Who doesn't fancy a go in this?
Who doesn't fancy a go in this?
It's the best of both worlds really, isn't it? You could use this TVR as a weekend toy, haring around B-roads and having an excellent time. But it's also eligible for competition should the urge take you. It's not going to be the last word in dynamics or performance on road or track but, for £10K, who really cares? What it does promise to be is tremendously good fun, surely one of the more amusing ways to spend your money on four wheels.

Because what else is there? Cheaper racing cars tend to be four-cylinder and plainer, cheaper road cars won't be suitable for track. Go on, give it a try; if you're good enough maybe there'll be a call up to that factory racing team!

TVR 350I
Why you should: Road legal TVR racing car for £10K!
Why you shouldn't: You're on the wrong website

See the original advert here.



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  • HardMiles 07 Sep 2017

    "You're on the wrong website!" Nailed it!!!!!!

  • Strugs 07 Sep 2017

    HardMiles said:
    "You're on the wrong website!" Nailed it!!!!!!

  • sideways man 07 Sep 2017

    I really fancy one of these, before fuel gets even more expensive.

  • Gilhooligan 07 Sep 2017

    That is one properly ugly car with the big overhang at the front. I'm sure it's fun to drive though.

  • Baddie 07 Sep 2017

    That is the best "why you shouldn't" ever roflroflrofl

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