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The Cerbera lightweight at the London Motor Show.

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The London Motor Show saw the debut of the facelifted Cerbera with new rear lights, A pillars and roof line while inside the car all four seats were changed to bring them in line with those of the Tuscan. Removable seat squabs are standard so that the seating position can be lowered to improve headroom for the many Cerbera owners who take them on the track and therefore have to wear crash helmets. Higher levels of lateral support have also been built into the new seat design.

The rear light clusters are similar to the Chimaera's and the roofline modifications have dramatically altered the appearance of the car and improved visibility from within. Although the external roofline hasn't altered it looks more bulbous, earning the mantle of 'Bubble Car' amongst 'Cerbera Classic' owners.

The Cerbera 4.5 has been updated for the 2000 model year with the introduction of a number of weight saving measures and a new look. Most important are the lightweight honeycomb composite panels which together save approximately 40kg. This is part of TVR's move towards the use of high tech composite technology on road as well as race cars.

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The Factory's Demonstrator A Mole Valley TVR

The Cerbera 4.5 also features the same lightweight high intensity projector headlights found on the Tuscan Speed Six but in a layout which echoes that of the new Cerbera Speed Twelve.

The model pictured here also has 18 inch wheels larger wheels with incredibly low profile tyres (more details here)