Wednesday 27th April 2011


Russian company Dartz creates armoured SUV specifically for the fairer sex

Dartz, a Russian company company that creates hugely expensive armoured SUVS (and that PHers may just remember as having nearly offered a car with whale penis upholstery) has come up with some new madness - a three-door armoured SUV for 'ladies only'.

It's called the Dartz Pombron Iron Diamond, and it was unveiled at the recent Top Marques show in Monaco.

But why an SUV (that's "Safety Uberluxury Vehicle", by the way) for ladies only? Well, we'd better let Dartz's own press release answer that one: "More and more ladies like to drive big cars, and if so - of course they want to drive unique and exclusive. It's very hard to meet two ladies in same dresses on party - but quite easy to meet ten ladies come on this party on similar black SUV's."

So there you go, no longer do partying female SUV lovers have to suffer the ignominy of turning up in the same colour SUV as everybody else - you can have a silver one.

But Dartz goes further with the Iron Diamond. It's shorter than any other car Dartz produces, and is fitted with no fewer than eight cameras - apparently to help those poor weak ladies with their parking troubles.

Better still, since said ladies always travel with a handbag, Dartz has come up with an ingenious anti-theft measure - there's no rear passenger door on the driver's side to minimise the chances of your Louis Vuitton clutch getting nicked en-route to that premiere.

Sadly, you can't buy the particular car pictured because that's already been sold to a Kazakh oil heiress. But don't worry, because the guys at Dartz assure us in the sign-off to their press release that they've got more fun in store for us: "Stay tuned - new trends are coming from DARTZ as Vodka and Girls fuel our brains!!!"

Honestly, we really can't tell if this is a joke or not...

Author: Riggers
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