Thursday 6th September 2012


Chris doesn't like MX-5s but has been man enough to confront his demons and go for a drive in one...

A couple of years ago I blogged my feelings towards the Mazda MX-5. I have never before used 'blog' as a verb, and it doesn't sound right - does it? The piece was triggered by a press release announcing the 900,000th car to roll off the production line. I had never really warmed to the MX-5, and found it frustrating that the little Mazda had become so uninteresting to drive in its current form.

The only way we could get Harris in a Mazda
The only way we could get Harris in a Mazda
In this respect, I thought the general opinion that the MX-5 epitomised a kind of driving purity - something considered as sports car excellence - was misplaced and that, at the very least, new definitions of 'sports car' and 'roadster' were needed. I suggested that the MX-5 was the latter, not the former.

This did not go down well with many people. First of all, the PH massive tore me to shreds. Then Jalopnik got in on the act. Then the rest of the car-based internet put me on death row and, for many of them, I'm still incarcerated there.

This video is not an attempt at an apology - no sir. It's a chance to see if that opinion has changed or, more pertinently, it's an opportunity to drive an MX-5, or Miata, or Eunos, in perfect weather, over perfect roads providing it with the best possible opportunity to shine.

Through gritted teeth Chris gets to work...
Through gritted teeth Chris gets to work...
The car belongs to Neil who shoots the vids, so he had to balance encouraging me in the interests of exciting images and protecting his little pride and joy. A tough exercise. His affection for the car is disconcerting to me because it isn't fawning - you can tell he actually wants to dislike the little thing, but each time he drives it, or stands by it he grins. This is authentic car-love, the only type I could possibly allow to undermine my negative feelings towards these Mazda things.

Anyhow, I discovered some stuff during the day - perhaps even make some adjustments to those original sentiments.

At the very least, I did try and understand what it is the world, and the editor of this mighty edifice, and his fleet of brothers love about the MX-5.

Enjoy the vid.

Author: Chris Harris
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