Monday 17th September 2012


Last week's picture is now a film, but it still doesn't give much away

Following from last week's enigmatic image, McLaren have now released a short clip of what is believed to be its imminent 'new F1', codenamed P12.

So what's changed in a few days? Well, it certainly isn't a full-scale reveal (that won't come until Paris), but you do get to see more of the shape from different angles. McLaren certainly seems to be ramping up the drama with this car, the clearest silhouette being revealed in red and the intense soundtrack adding to the theatre.

Clearly the focus is on how the new car will cleave the air (the video is called 'McLaren vs. Aerodynamics, after all), which suggests lots of F1-style wind tunnel development. Given the effectiveness of the airbrake fitted to the MP4-12C, it wouldn't be a surprise to see some active aerodynamics feature on the P12.

But, of course, this is only what we can make out. Watch the video a few times with a brew and see what you can infer. Does this have the makings of an all-conquering hypercar?

Author: Matt Bird
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