Friday 9th November 2012


AMG's Facebook page promises online unveiling for the Black Series SLS

It's been a busy year for the SLS, AMG revealing electric SLSes, 45th Anniversary racing SLSes, GT SLSes and, shortly on the AMG Facebook page, the Black Series version too. Which is probably more of interest to us than the leccy one, impressive technology or not.

This, with a slightly smaller wing. Possibly.
This, with a slightly smaller wing. Possibly.
So the GT - watch this space for more on this shortly - brings with it a little more power, a bit more leather and some detail chassis tweaks. What does that leave for the Black Series then? We'll see shortly but going by spy shots from testing at the 'ring and a few hints on the Facebook pic we can safely assume it'll involve some fat sills, flared arches, bigger vents and - possibly - a fixed rear wing. If you're looking for hints it's probably safe to assume the GT3 race car will be a big influence on the looks, even if the quad exhausts on the test mule suggest it won't get the side exhausts. Which is a shame.

When's the cover coming off? Well, at the time of writing the image had been up 19 hours and AMG was saying 'within 24 hours' so even with our maths we'd deduce that'd be pretty soon.

Keep 'em peeled!

Author: Dan Trent
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