Exclusive: Detailed Pics Of 1000hp Venom GT

As we reported last week, 30 March is the big dayfor tuner John Hennessey's latest project, when his 1000hp Venom GT will be officially revealed.

But the PistonHeads super-sleuths have been hard on the case. PHer Adam Thorby spotted the elusive Venom GT - which is expected to get its first proper public outing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed - parked up in Silverstone business park.

These are the most detailed snaps yet of the twin-turbo LS9 V8-powered hypercar, which is based on the humble Lotus Elise.

Although the nose remains recognisably Lotus-derived and the tail is Exige-esque, the proportions are more akin to those of a Porsche Carrera GT, and there is very little Lotus-related stuff from the engine bulkhead back.

Mr Thorby - legend that he is - also found time to take a quick walk-round vid of the Venom, which you can see below.

See more of Adam's Pics on his website

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  • DonkeyApple 14 Aug 2010


  • danmangt40 14 Aug 2010

    Progressless decadent difference without significant meaningful improvement. Once, cars stayed the same until an advancement of the machine became available. Look at the massive changes that occurred from the early 70s into the late eighties among any new car model, but particularly the s-class. Now do the same analysis from early 90s to today. Over the last twenty years, the ultimate in does-everything conveyances has never stood still, but it's fairly difficult to say that the newest car really advances the talents of the s-class in any way except standing start acceleration. I'm sure someone could point out that 26-point something is far better than the nowhere near 20 mpg of the early 90s s600 or whaTever model you'd care to name, but that's not really all that compelling in the context of a $100k sedan, now is it. Think of the dignity of the Morgan shape or the air-cooled 911s, or the esprit or any other car that skilled out on superficial changes to the parts of the car that always worked while the guts underneath merely kept up with the times by modest advancement. Mercedes has so contorted its models in meaningless ways that it makes you wonder whether resale value would have been higher if the latest motors and tech were strapped under the early 90s bank vault body. Why sell out your clientele's value so much when your cars trade on being a reliably understood set of qualities. It's just a cash grab. By comparison, look at the boxster and nsx. The s55 to s63 to this faux s'63'

  • Red Devil 02 Apr 2010

    Jaykaybi said:
    P.S. And I love the Zenvo too, but as I don't know if Mr Zenvo is a saint I'll refrain from saying so, just in case.
    Zenvo FTW. I don't fancy being undertaker fodder.

  • Jaykaybi 31 Mar 2010

    stephen300o said:
    ^ So you'll be buying Gary Glitters latest? wink
    No thanks.

  • stephen300o 31 Mar 2010

    ^ So you'll be buying Gary Glitters latest? wink

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