Renault Reveals Alpine A110-50 concept car

Renault has finally unveiled the Alpine A110-50 at the Monaco GP, to celebrate 50 years since the appearance of the first car to wear the Alpine badge - the Berlinette.

As we've previously reported, the new car uses the 400hp mid-mounted V6 from the Megane Trophy racer, linked to a semi-automatic six-speed sequential gearbox, as well as a twin-plate clutch that can be controlled using either the clutch pedal or a paddle on the steering wheel.

The concept also uses a chassis derived from the Megane racer, meaning tubular steel spaceframe construction, and fully adjustable double wishbone suspension all round.

The carbon fibre bodywork, meanwhile owes more than a little stylistically to the DeZir concept car from a couple of years ago, but features a 'new shade of blue which refreshes and reinterprets the famous original Alpine Blue'. It also features an adjustable rear wing that produces up to two thirds of the car's downforce, along with ground effect from the rear diffuser and front splitter that creates the rest.

"Developing this concept car was a great adventure. It was a catalyst for creativity," says Axel Breun, Concept and Show Car Director. "We wanted to make a Berlinette that was of our time, and which boldly embodies Renault's passion for motorsport. We were guided by our hearts and emotions."

All very nice, but will Renault actually make it? Our colleagues over at Autocar have been told that Renault is hopeful: Speaking to Autocar at the Geneva motor show, sales and marketing boss Stephen Norman said: "[We will] do everything we can to make it [the Alpine] work for production. If we could make the sums work, which we are desperately trying to do, we could do it in 30 months."


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  • caine100 31 May 2012

    bobberz said:
    Yeah, just like the Dodge Viper and Ford GT. They ruined the concepts by making the production versions FWD diesels... oh, wait. rolleyes
    Those are different though. Renault aren't going to put this into production and if they do it will be nothing like this concept.

  • bobberz 31 May 2012

    Looks like they only slightly revised the DeZir and called it a new concept. GM used to do that with their concepts. They recycled the Mako Shark II into the Manta Ray and called it a new concept.

    At least this one has a lovely high-revving V6 soundtrack, instead of the electric whine of the DeZir.

    That spastic video makes me want to kick a Frenchman, though.

  • bobberz 31 May 2012

    caine100 said:
    I hate concept cars, they tease you with a supermodel but then take it away and leave you with a big fat ugly, front wheel drive, bh.
    Yeah, just like the Dodge Viper and Ford GT. They ruined the concepts by making the production versions FWD diesels... oh, wait. rolleyes

  • Cold Fusion 28 May 2012

    Once again you have shown some perfect pictures and written a few hundred words to go with the pictures, but told us nothing

  • gaz9185 28 May 2012

    Lets get real....what the average person probably needs is a car in the spirit of the original A110 but at affordable price, even if this means using many standard parts. These (obviously) expensive concept vehicles are all very well for the well heeled few with oodles of excess cash, but I guess the average PistonHead will feel a dhead if he thinks he can ever afford one. Make a nice sports car in the style of the old A110 - but not at Lotus prices either - and I'd wager it would be a huge success......after all, with all restrictions nowadays not many people require another track day car.

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