Subaru will make a BRZ STI!

So with the Impreza no longer available in Britain, Subaru needed a new STi flagship. And no discussion around the BRZ (or the Toyota GT86) is complete without a debate on its power. Hopefully you can see where this is going...

This honestly is the biggest clue so far...
This honestly is the biggest clue so far...
Some rather grainy 'teaser images' have surfaced on the Japanese STI website depicting the pink Subaru Tecnica International initials on a BRZ. For now, all that's on show is the front grille/numberplate and wing. They're accompanied by a 'purity of handling' slogan, with not even a hidden hint at extra power.

But a boost (pun intended) of some kind is inevitable, so what can we expect? Well, the Forester is available with a turbocharged version of the BRZ engine making 240hp and 258lb ft, which would certainly address concerns surrounding the standard car's 200hp and 151lb ft. But would a turbo (and its lag) compromise the driving experience? And can it fit?

A supercharger would eliminate the throttle response issue, and a few tuners have already pursued that path; it's a solution that's been hinted at by important programme chief Tetsuya Tada too. Replacing components to liberate extra power whilst maintaining the boxer's atmospheric status is another option, but some sort of forced induction looks likely. There's even been rumours of a KERS-style hybrid system...

We'd assumed this already Subaru
We'd assumed this already Subaru
Subaru announced recently that a range of Pro-R performance, handling and styling modifications would soon be available through dealers for the BRZ. Toyota have already launched a GT86 TRD moreover. Will Subaru throw the whole catalogue at an STI? Let's hope it's more appealing than the BMW Performance accessories...

Of course, this is all conjecture given Subaru has only confirmed that a BRZ STI will be made and nothing more. Still, it's good to see the STI lineage will continue, albeit in altered form. Toyota, your move...



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  • loudlashadjuster 10 Aug 2013

    I love EVs said:
    If I could dream my ideal BRZ Sti, I would want forged internals and a small turbo; or a 100hp KERs would work too plus forged internals.
    Struggling to understand why you'd want forged pistons etc. if you're not running significant boost or much higher revs? confused

  • I love EVs 09 Aug 2013

    If I could dream my ideal BRZ Sti, I would want forged internals and a small turbo; or a 100hp KERs would work too plus forged internals.

  • 2354519y 09 Aug 2013

    Dont know how much this supercharged version is over standard

  • JB! 09 Aug 2013

    Old news PH?

    This appeared on BRZ/GT86 forums a while back...

  • TransverseTight 06 Aug 2013

    HonestIago said:
    Cannot even begin to comprehend this. A nice characterful flat 4 is one of the nicest sounding (relatively ordinary) things on our roads.
    I like the sound of Challenger main battle tanks at full pelt on Dartmoor. But if even 1 drove past my house everyday id soon get pissed off with the sound. Its about context. If all scoobies. didnt sound so "look at me I got no attention as a child" then maybe everyone would like them. Personally I like the sound... but not at 4am. Lol

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