Looking for Car Buyers for a Brand New TV Show

Looking for Car Buyers for a Brand New TV Show



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Friday 20th March
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Looking for Car Buyers for a Brand New TV Show

Hi There,

We are looking to hear from people who are in the market for a new or used car to take part in a brand new motoring series where our presenters help find the best car for you.

We understand the current Corona Virus situation may have caused a lot of buyers to put their plans on hold and we are also monitoring the situation however if that’s you and you have put the search / purchase of a car on hold please still get in touch.

Contact details on the flyer below.

Thanks a lot for looking.


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Tuesday 7th April
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I’m in, PM me! Looking at a Range Sport SVR...... almost had one when this dumb virus interfered and the dealership suspended the sale


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Wednesday 8th April
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Got anything to float my boat?


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Thursday 9th April
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I have was looking at EV before lockdown; I went with Tesla M3 because (Hatfield Jag are useless, Audi too ££, Volvo too long to wait, VW - CityGate are C**Ts)

That said I guess I could cancel if I don't actually need the car anymore and use money on a Garden Studio Office whilst keeping my diesel smoker with 210k miles on it


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Tuesday 5th May
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I had my deposit down for a mini GP3 but cancelled it as salesboy was to arrogant for my liking, did me a huge favour in the end so if there’s a good discount to be had I’m in