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Sony Vaio Duo 11



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Tuesday 9th October 2012
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I’m thinking of flogging my Dell Inspiron Duo and replacing it with a Sony Vaio Duo 11 when they’re released.

Only problem is, I can’t seem to find out when they’re released, or how much they’re going to cost. When I first seen them, they were talking about end of October. Kinda thought if that was the case, we’d have a release date by now.

Anyway, love my little Dell, only thing is it’s a little bit slow if I’m trying to draw, it’s not really designed for that, and also I keep prodding at the monitor of my work computer, expecting it to be touchscreen.

Anyone got any opinions on the new Sony? Anyone else after one? An Ipad won’t really do everything I need, so I like the versatility of it.