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Just add your name if your model is already listed (within the vertical bars)

Please be careful updating this Wiki it's taken me many hours to correct errors in these. If you’re not too sure what to do drop me a mail with your username, model etc. and I'll add the info for you

If you want to add your name at the end of the section, the section end will look like this in edit mode:-

[member*]Previous member[/member], [member*]Big Al[/member]||

Now to add your name

[member*]Previous Member[/member], [member*]Big Al[/member], [member*]Your Username[/member]||

Leave out the *'s in the above formatting

If you use the Preview button before you press Submit you can see if you've got it right.

HTH. smile

Big Al.

Pre - M Series

Grantura Mk1 Grantura MKI, David Lester
Grantura Mk2 USTVRDUDE
Grantura Mk2a alfa-chris, Granny Fan, stopingby, Grantura2a, Barbarossa, luckycarter, Michael30, MRC Restorations
Grantura MkIII 62GRANTIII, Fiscracer, davegt6, Kraftfahrer
Grantura 1800s dmax, TVR_3X, Threefishorange, tdr, Fiscracer, Grantura SWE, Threefishorange
TVR Buick 3.5 Ltr V8 Bamford Clough
Griffith200 Jellison, kabaman, Grantura2a, stopingby, Dimension
TVR Vixen 1300 pistolar
TVR Vixen S1 Astacus, chris willy, S1Vixen, Blue4point2, MRC Restorations, rusky
TVR Vixen S2 P100, mille, GRIXEN, kabaman, tomtrout, 62GRANTIII, Michael30, V6Pushfit, jim3000s , thesurfbus , Prideaux,
TVR Vixen S3 vixen1700, Seabass, mosstrooper,Skullcollecter, nwarner, jpa, Moto, monkeythree, Trouty, OctaneTorque, Adrian@
TVR Vixen S4 brittanytvr, PUP805K
TVR 2500 JeffT, jim3000s
TVR 2500 Hybrid USTVRDUDE, TVR2500V
TVR Tuscan V6 Obiwonkeyblokey Sold, ate399j, moluag, V6Pushfit, Pat H, 71tuscan, Prideaux, RFC1
TVR Tuscan V8 USTVRDUDE, Turbster

M Series

TVR 1600M RWX3L, timelord, manhoo, brittanytvr, urraco62, RobStan, AliZ4C, kabaman, Joho, Adrian@, HoopsUK, plasticpig72
TVR 1600M Converted (Rover 4.0 ltr.) djc100
TVR 2000M sybaseian, das2000m
TVR 2500M BRAVENRACE, turbov6, tegwin, stainless_steve, V8TVR1978, Slow M,eric0, ivanhoew, Warwick67, Tank, VicVegas84, Kraftfahrer, LSRbbs
TVR 3000M Jasper Gilder, nicholas blair Sold, MnS, pistolar,Skullcollecter, SuPaSpArK, Youngnick, pumpkin, Cedar, mille, billvet, ausi steve, Erich Stahler, metisse, TimLedger, Goberson, Devon Flyer, flyingplum, henrytvr, Adrian@, vejnoe, tvrmallorca, TVRMs, Classicrally, TCTVR
TVR 3000M Turbo Turbo TVR, coolb
TVR 3000S USTVRDUDE, nwarner, 62GRANTIII, Gnasher, plasticpig72, Big g, v8yale, Christian3000s, Devon Flyer, oldgeebee, chris willy Sold, prideaux, Tunepipe911, jim3000s, Adrian@, coolb, GPW41, bluezeeland, SquashedCat
TVR 3500S V8 Graham Halfyard
TVR 5000M Electron, pumpkin
TVR Taimar FlipFlopGriff, tvrtaimar3000, V8TVR1978, status, 4623FM, Campbell, whitewolf, clive f, njhucker, phillpot, deadspider, english2, PUP805K, Adrian@ , OKinChi, sockstvr, Hallsie, TVRWM
TVR Taimar Turbo Mr Tank, USTVRDUDE, thebirdman, Adrian@


TVR Tasmin 200 Convertible pk500
TVR Tasmin 280 Graham, chassis 33 (FHC),Mrs FlipFlopGriff (FHC, S1 and S2), taimar78 (2 conv.), TVRLeigh_BBWR (FHC), Mr Sheen (FHC +2), wedgeinald (1 conv), Johnny & Gretchen (FHC +2), hallsie (FHC+2), billvet (1 conv), Mr Tank (S2 FHC)
TVR Tasmin FHC S1 Mr Tank , Beacon, chris willy, Mr Tank (Chassis num 2)
TVR 280i Racer Graham, AJP55, black tamora
TVR Tasmin 2.9 Racer NTEL
TVR Tasmin 4.0 Racer TVRLeigh_BBWR (FHC)

S Series

TVR S Le TVR, db800, aruck, steve320ise, magpies, robinlarry
TVR S2 SS2, jonnylayze, Hoover, Harry Flashman, Stevej, MnS, gerald-TVR, Pringli, Boroboy, jim3000s
TVR S3 bridgdav, Chris71, Yellabelly, mep12345, Orophin, HvdWeerden, wiz 1, S Andy man, oldgeebee, phillpot
TVR S3c dougc, tvrgit, Johan G, rower, Tozerman, Wanacoop, TVRooom, TVR-Stu, jimtbg, Devon Flyer,trevs3c
TVR S4C jblythyn
TVR S4V Tracksport Dave
TVR V8S Wyatt, V8S, Dave_M, RumbleTumble, sparkypete, GreenV8S (4.6 supercharged), Mrs BlueCerbera, Mr Sheen, Chuggaboom, SEB400, joern (4.3), Tubbystu, GTRene, SJS357
TVR V8S 5 ltr trackcar