Hellephant 1,000hp Hemi V8 available to order

Since the launch of the 707hp Challenger and Charger in 2014, the growth of the Dodge Hellcat legend - and that really would seem the appropriate word - has been quite something to witness. As if the lunacy of that much power for $60k wasn't enough, Dodge then went even further, with the deranged Demon and nearly-as-berserk Redeye Challengers. Oh yes, and put the engine in a Grand Cherokee. And called it Trackhawk.

A little while ago Dodge announced it was setting free the supercharged V8 fury for the buying public to do with as they wished, by making a 'Hellephant' crate engine. 1,000 people said "yeah, I fancy a bit of that" after the SEMA reveal, Hellephant taking up where the 707hp 'Hellcrate' engine left off in 2017.

Following on from this strong show of support, Dodge has today opened up pre-orders for the engine. As Steve Beahm, Head of Mopar, has said, "Power and performance are ingrained in our brand's DNA, and there is no better time to open pre-orders of this 1,000-horsepower, supercharged engine than on Hemi Day." We couldn't agree more!

The cost? Thirty thousand dollars. Yep, seriously. Part number P5160194 in the Mopar catalogue, 'Hellephant 426 Supercharged Crate Hemi Engine' is $29,995. Combine it with the engine kit for $2,265 - including powertrain control module, power distribution centre, engine wiring harness, throttle pedal, oxygen sensors, fuel pump control module and other bits - and Dodge says dropping in 1,000hp is "relatively easy plug 'n' play for experienced installers." Interesting...

The Hellephant set up is explicitly designed for pre-76 vehicles - those with greater US car knowledge than us will know why - as previewed in the Challenger concept car of last year. Which does limit engine swap possibilities a tad, although that 1,000hp in this Dodge Coronet could be hilarious. Or terrifying. Or a bit of both. Orders can be placed here - happy Hemi day one and all!


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  • mrclav 26 Apr 2019

    Good Lord.

  • Water Fairy 26 Apr 2019

    Oooof yes please!!

  • G13NVL 26 Apr 2019

    I have nothing to put this in, but I still want it!

  • wab172uk 26 Apr 2019

    I think it looks stunning. But with maybe half the power, it'd be a great car.

  • rxe 26 Apr 2019

    Hmmm, that would fit in a Defender....

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