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Rules of Posting

May 13, 2020

You will have read our site Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you signed up to PistonHeads, but here are the important bits with regards to posting in the forums.

We restrict new member access to certain forums for a period of 14 days to prevent spam; once that time has passed access will automatically be granted.

With thousands of posts every day, we cannot proactively moderate all of them. If you see any material on our website that you would like to alert us to or if you feel you need moderator assistance, please use the "report" button in the top right of each post. We will be alerted and will take appropriate action in line with our rules set out below.

If you have a forum query, please read our FAQs first before contacting us. If you still need help, please contact PistonHeads through info@pistonheads.com.

  1. The minimum age to be a member on PistonHeads is 13 years old.
  2. Offensive usernames and profile pictures are not allowed.
  3. Do not post material that could be deemed as offensive, annoying or upsetting.
  4. Do not openly share personal information of your own or others (e.g. address, phone number or email address). Users that post requests for others personal details will be deleted. If you would like to communicate with another member privately, you may Private Message (PM) each other using the member profile page.
  5. Do not name and shame any company or individual, or post content which could cause reputational damage or which could be deemed as libellous or defamatory. To do so puts you at risk of legal action and we may be obliged by law to disclose your personal data.
  6. Do not post for the purpose of advertising for personal or business gain, unless you are responding to a thread in the Car Buying forum and sharing a link to your car that's for sale in the PistonHeads classifieds. Starting a thread specifically to advertise your car or business is not allowed.
  7. Amateur sleuthing for whatever reason is not allowed.
  8. Do not bypass or circumnavigate the site's swear filter. Do not post images or links to content that would not pass the site's swear filter.
  9. Do not be deliberately contrary, or argumentative for the sake of it.
  10. Directly threatening someone with violence will result in an instant ban and may be reported to the police.
  11. Do not post links, gifs or images which contain violent, racist or sexist material or material which could be seen as offensive or unlawful in any way.
  12. Posting any images, gifs or clips of pornographic material will result in an instant ban.
  13. Do not post any Not Safe For Work (NSFW) images, links, gifs, or clips on any thread.
  14. Do not post any copyright-protected material without permission including streaming sports content. If in doubt, don't post it.
  15. Do not post links to sites that supply illegal download material.
  16. Do not copy and paste content from newspapers, news sites or other websites. This is a breach of their copyright and any such threads will be deleted.
  17. Types of threads/posts that are not permitted in the forums:
    1. Do not create threads about your own personal websites, blogs or social media channels. This will be deemed as advertising in line with rule 6.
    2. For sale threads/posts, regardless of type of item. See rule 6 for what is allowed.
    3. Valuation/what's it worth threads in any shape or form, regardless of item.
    4. Vehicle wanted threads of any description. Parts wanted threads/posts will be allowed at the discretion of PH.
    5. Swap threads in any form.
    6. Where to advertise/sell, thinking of selling up threads.
    7. Links to your friend's or family's adverts, unless you are posting in the Car Buying forum responding to an existing thread (see rule 6).
    8. What's wrong with my ad/Why isn't it selling? type threads.
    9. Job adverts (recruiting or wanted) are allowed in the "Jobs and Employment Matters" forum only.
    10. General banter/nonsensical threads that don't fit into the spirit of PH may be removed.
    11. Nonsensical foreign language posts deemed as spam.
    12. Spamming or trolling - members will receive an instant suspension/ban.
    13. The publication of comments that could affect the outcome of an approaching or ongoing court case, whether criminal or civil.
  18. Group buys and limited run rare parts threads are permitted, but we reserve the right to remove them if we feel they are being abused or are overly commercial.
  19. Cross posting across multiple forums is not allowed without prior permission/consent from info@pistonheads.com.
  20. With the exception of the business forum, do not discuss business on the forums (e.g. supplying contact details or discussing prices). You may invite members to send you a PM through your profile, should you wish to discuss any such matters privately.
  21. Do not create multiple profiles, attempt to use another members account to post content without permission, attempt to gain access to other users' data in any way, or impersonate anyone.
  22. You may not promote charity events; recruit for charitable donations, surveys or petitions; or seek votes for competitions.
  23. You cannot contact moderators directly. If you have a complaint or issue with the moderation of the forums, please consult our forum FAQs.
  24. Any messages involving threats of or encouraging public fear, terrorist threats or threats towards CarGurus/PistonHeads, its employees or other individuals will be escalated to the relevant authorities.
  25. Any activity involving the grooming of children or distribution of child exploitation content (e.g. publishing illegal website links or posting illegal photos) will be escalated to the relevant authorities.
  26. PistonHeads and CarGurus Limited are committed to the privacy, safety and security of all our users and customers. If you discover any potential security vulnerability, please report it to us through info@pistonheads.com or privacy@cargurus.com and we will investigate it and respond to you as soon as possible. To help us to research and resolve any potential vulnerabilities as quickly as possible, please include full details of any issue when submitting your report. Publicly disclosing any potential vulnerability could put the wider community at risk, therefore we encourage you not to disclose any potential issues until they have been addressed and a resolution has been confirmed by us.
  27. All matters relating to conduct in the forums and compliance with these posting rules will be determined by the moderators under guidance from PistonHeads management. We will take action if these rules are broken, so make sure you read them carefully as your continued membership depends upon it. PistonHeads reserves the right to remove threads and comments at its discretion without explanation and without prior notification or warning.
  28. We actively encourage all users to report any content they feel is offensive or breaks the Rules of Posting. All reports will be reviewed by our moderators and/or PistonHeads to decide a course of action. Reporting is anonymous to public users. For the site to remain an enjoyable place to be this is imperative; trouble makers and bad behaviour are not welcome on PistonHeads.
  29. Lastly, with all of the serious stuff out of the way, we hope you enjoy your time on PistonHeads!