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TOTD: Bentley Turbo R track car

A barmy project for a very good cause, here's a thread to make you feel good going into the weekend

By Nik Attard / Friday, September 4, 2015

At PistonHeads we all love a feel good story, and this must be one of the best. PHer V8 FOU is building a track car, which is already a good start. That he's building a track car from a Bentley Turbo R makes this a very interesting thread. Finally, it's all being done to raise awareness and funds for a charity. If ever a poster and a thread was worthy of attention and praise, this is it.

The charity is DEBRA, an organisation close to the OP's heart thanks to its care for his late wife, an Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) sufferer. The DEBRA site has more information but suffice it to say it's a horrible affliction that many have no knowledge of.

But how better to raise awareness than buying a cheap Bentley Turbo R, stripping it of excess weight and adding more power for the silliest track car ever? Progress was going very well but there hasn't been an update for a while; please, Mr V8 FOU, we need to hear more about your Bentley!

Get up to date with the thread here and start pestering for an update...

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