Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2: Official!

You know those voluptuous open-top V12 Ferraris that leaked onto the internet yesterday, the Monza SP1 and SP2? They've now been officially confirmed by Maranello along with confirmation that each produces 820hp at 8500rpm from an enhanced version of the scintillating twelve-cylinder used by the 812 Superfast. The one- and two-seat Ferraris are the most potent production road cars to wear a Prancing Horse on their noses - and by golly do we want one.

The 812 is super bloody fast, we know that, so imagine experiencing its outrageous pace with an extra 20hp, no windscreen and - if you're really keen - no passenger seat to lug around. The single-seat SP1 weighs 25kg less than the coupe, which is 1525kg dry, while the two-seat SP2 tips the scales at 1520kg, thanks to the addition of the second seat and rollover protection, hidden within a second buttress.

The Monzas are said to be inspired by Ferrari's vintage sports car racers, like the pretty 1948 16 MM and achingly gorgeous 750 Monza and 860 Monza from the 1950s. As such, their designs eschew the usual aggressive aero-pieces of modern performance cars for smoother forms and, well, they look bloody great, don't they? The bodywork itself is made from carbonfibre and much of the running gear beneath has been taken straight from the 812, so it's not all old school.

Performance remains, as you would expect, 812 rapid: 62mph comes in 2.9 seconds but more impressively, 124mph comes in 7.9 seconds (identical to the SF) despite the fact there's no windscreen to slice air particles away from your not particularly aerodynamic noggin. A helmet is a must, obviously.

Ferrari says that its aero boffins have borrowed virtual windscreen tech from their Formula 1 colleagues to help direct as much air flow around the passenger compartment as possible, but it's fair to assume there'd be some (a lot of) buffeting when you approach the Monza's 186mph 'plus' top speed. That velocity would be circuit only, of course, but you can also drive these Monzas on the road.

Price? Ferrari is keeping that to itself, although it has said that volume will account for well below 5% of Ferraris sales. They'll be shown at the Paris motor show next month.

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  • charliedb2 19 Sep 2018


  • InductionRoar 19 Sep 2018

    The wheels are too big. Other than that perfection.

  • Gandahar 19 Sep 2018

    Yeah wheels too large and the spokes too heavy looking, but the 2 seater looks fantastic.

    Always been rather meh about all these Lambo and Ferrari even more exclusive special offers but at least it is not digging up past history and finding you can build some contiunation models as there was a fire and we found an old washer at the back of the factory that had a number on it, eh JLR and Aston.

    It does not need a superfast engine in it though, owners will not be driving them fast i guess.

    Finally I say bravo to these.

    Edited by Gandahar on Wednesday 19th September 13:44

  • Gandahar 19 Sep 2018

    Also, do we know who designed these? Ferrari sponsor young talent to do outlandish designs over the years and we see the artist renderings and small models and they are really funky; it would be cool if one of those designs ended up as being produced.

  • The Hypno-Toad 19 Sep 2018

    charliedb2 said:
    And indeed, bibble.

    The black one is possibly one of the most beautiful things I have seen wearing wheels and this from someone who loathes most modern Ferraris. (Not that they will care because unless the numbers come in, Toad will be never placing a deposit any time soon.)

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