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Bentley plans special edition 'centenary' model

It's a special year for Bentley - time to kick off the celebrations

By Dafydd Wood / Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This year marks 100 years of Bentley cars, and it goes without saying that the celebrations for such a significant milestone will be suitably grand. To kick them off, Bentley has announced "a special edition model" set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Aside from this teaser image, there's little in the way of clues as to what form it will take, except for the fact that it is described as having been inspired by one of the marque's iconic racing cars. That, and it seems likely the number nine holds some significance as well.

Perhaps the reference is to the #9 1926 Bentley 3L Le Mans, the short-chassised machine special-ordered for a wealthy playboy which, fitted with a bespoke body and 100mph Super Sports engine, was the only Bentley of its kind to compete at the famous 24 hour race.

This would tee things up nicely for a run of 100 smaller, lighter, performance-orientated specials, perhaps in the style of the EXP10 concept of four years ago - a centenary is rather a big deal after all. In reality, though, it'll likely be a Continental GT with a few unique trim pieces, a smattering of 'special edition' badges and a number painted on the grille.

Still, the new Conti GT is a fantastic machine, and any Bentley is improved by a splash of British Racing Green, so that wouldn't be all bad news. Whatever the case, those wishing to register their interest in finding out first can do so here. We're sure there'll be plenty more to come as the big day on July 10th approaches - mark your calendars now!

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