Audi: No RS For SUVs

Audi will not make RS versions of its Q5 and Q7 SUVs, says Audi's technical boss, Stephan Reil.

According to Italian blog site Reil said that only "when it is technically possible" will RS models be developed, and that RS Audis will remain the "maximum expression of performance and driving dynamics".

It's essentially a (not-so) veiled swipe at the BMW X5M and X6M and AMG Mercedes SUVs. 'We can build a fast SUV,' Audi is saying (metaphorically pointing at the 500hp, 738lb ft Q7 V12 TDI), 'but that doesn't make it worthy of an RS badge'.

Audi's Q5 Custom Concept (pictured) from last year's Worthersee Tour was fitted with a 3.0 TFSI V6 delivering 402bhp and was thought to have been a precursor to a future Q5 RS variant.

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  • vescaegg 21 Oct 2010

    Thank god!

  • mylesmcd 21 Oct 2010

    Then it would be an S7? no?

    Or would that damage brand thingy when the A7, S version comes out?

    Also same for the smaller Q5, S version, there already being an S5, which is not THE S5, or an RS5, which is not THE RS5?

  • TommyBuoy 21 Oct 2010


    Blinged up SUV's are not a good look so this is a welcome break from trying to fill every niche imaginable.

  • B.J.W 21 Oct 2010


    De-values the RS/AMG/M badges to have them on ported onto large 4x4's/SUV's. Good call from Audi - although, let's see how long they stick to their statement....

  • PetrolAholic 21 Oct 2010

    Good on them TBH, I have an RS4 and that would seriously pee me off, there is no way a Q7 could corner like the lower RS4. Sounds like they are only sticking an "RS" Badge on cars worthy of the badge!...

    Hmm,... RS R8 Anyone?

    Edited by PetrolAholic on Thursday 21st October 12:23

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