Bicester Sunday Service Review

First Sunday Service of the year - tick! First Scramble - tick! First time (for me) attending the Bicester Heritage Centre - tick! Unsurprisingly our Sunday Service of many firsts turned out to be an unbelievable start to the year, with almost every type of car imaginable rocking up to the fantastic meet.

The Scramble was in full swing by 9am, with drivers, erm, scrambling, across the wide runway entrances to find the best spots to display their lovely automobiles - this was a spectacle to behold in itself, and it proved pretty difficult to get any real work done with swathes of Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts, noisy pre-war beasts, every Porsche 911 imaginable and even an old Dakar rally car pouring into the airfield! All of that while planes and gliders were taking off just behind our parking area.

At the heart of the Heritage Centre was where the ultra rare, specialist cars were to be found, with the workshops, businesses and open garages filled with Lightweight E-Types, old F1 cars and witty posters, plus knowledgeable experts on hand to answer questions about their businesses. It's also where I spotted my favourite car of the day, an International Scout! The vintage theme was ongoing throughout the venue, and really added to the atmosphere of the event - having food served to you from 40s and 50s vans while a military reenactment unit marches past does make you feel like a sore thumb in your bright red ski jacket...

All in all, a brilliant event which we'd love to be part of again, so a big thanks to Bicester Heritage Centre for having us and making a very memorable Sunday Service, and a huge thank you to all our members that came along.

Keep an eye out for our next Sunday Service announcement soon!

There are more pics and reaction from PHers on Bicester in the thread - take a look here.

P.H. O'meter

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